Aviram Valdman

Aviram Valdman is The Tower Magazine's in-house photographer. An award-winning fine art photographer whose work has been collected and exhibited by the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and is collected by the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, in 2012 Valdman exhibited at Milan's EAT show at the Palazzo Lombardia and, prior to that, at the Nelly Amman Gallery in Paris. Valdman recently returned from shooting "Duvidas," a seven-month-long photography project in Angola.

Articles by Aviram Valdman

While Jews around the world were popping poppy-packed hamentaschen and grinding their groggers, Israelis were up to something else entirely.

PHOTOS: The Ultimate Refuge

18.12.15 at 12:03

For such a small country, Israel enjoys an astonishing diversity of species and climates. AVIRAM VALDMAN visited three

PHOTOS: Procession of the Icon

10.08.15 at 11:25

While Christians around the Middle East are persecuted, in Israel they celebrate their ancient traditions in freedom. AVIRAM VALDMAN takes

AVIRAM VALDMAN takes us to into the community of Havat Ma'on in the Judean Hills—an eerily peaceful setting overflowing with

Sitting at the crossroads of continents, religions, and former empires, Istanbul is one of the world's biggest, busiest—and most twisted—cities.

PHOTOS: When War Comes Home

20.07.14 at 16:11

It's been a long time since Israel has gone to war with so much domestic and global backing. AVIRAM VALDMAN

This month, AVIRAM VALDMAN takes his camera into the most extraordinary of Christian rituals—the Ethiopian Easter candle-lighting in the Church

PHOTOS: A Faith Under Fire

26.01.14 at 10:01

Israel's Christian Arab minority enjoys more freedom than any of their coreligionists in the Middle East. AVIRAM VALDMAN shows us

PHOTOS: White Fire on Gold

25.12.13 at 18:36

AVIRAM VALDMAN takes his camera through the biggest snowstorm to hit Israel in over a century.

Just before what might be an autumn of teeth-grinding battle and lost opportunities, AVIRAM VALDMAN aims his camera at the

Known for their national loyalty and military service, Israel's Druze villagers live a traditional, isolated and somewhat secretive way of

PHOTOS: City of Utter Fantasy

13.06.13 at 18:56

Nestled on Israel’s northern shore, Acre has tugged at the imagination from biblical times to Napoleon. AVIRAM VALDMAN walks us