Benjamin Kerstein

Benjamin Kerstein is Associate Editor of The Tower Magazine and the author of Diary of an Anti-Chomskyite and the novel The Mighty Quinn, available at He lives in Tel Aviv.

Articles by Benjamin Kerstein

The facile calls to "end the occupation" misunderstand the powerful strategic and moral goals that underlie Israel's century-long

Unpopular, undeterred, undefeatable. Master of the political machine. And soon to be Israel’s longest-serving prime minister. As Benjamin Netanyahu begins his

The Global Pogrom

29.07.14 at 16:14

BENJAMIN KERSTEIN puts the hardest question on the table: Has Jewish life around the

Valley of the Giants

03.06.14 at 9:52

In a quiet corner of Israel’s most secular city lies holy ground: a cemetery containing some of the greatest leaders

Another round of peace talks, another round of failure. BENJAMIN KERSTEIN explores the grinding psychological burden of a conflict that