PHOTOS: City of Gold and Dreams and Blood

Aviram Valdman

Aviram Valdman

Photographer at The Tower Magazine

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Jerusalem’s ancient sites offer some of the most stirring moments of the human experience—some timeless, some irreducibly modern.

Jerusalem is beautiful. Jerusalem is holy. It is contested (“hotly”). It is the center of spirituality, the seat of the soul, a magnificence, a wonder, a place without which we would all be forever without words. Jerusalem is made into many things by many people, but few of those who dream of Jerusalem actually live there.

Those who do know a different Jerusalem. For them, it’s a home, a place, a city where they work, pray, eat and love. And they, its residents, are many and various: Catholic nuns, Orthodox priests, Hassidic Jews, Muslim sheikhs, and paupers, workers, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters of all creeds, colors and callings. Jerusalem might be many things, but without its people it is nothing.

Jerusalem cannot be captured in a single photo essay. This, the first in an occasional series, offers a glimpse of the people found at Jerusalem’s most unforgettable sites.

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Photos: The Tower/Aviram Valdman