PHOTOS: Worlds Beneath the Sacred Waters

Aviram Valdman

Aviram Valdman

Photographer at The Tower Magazine

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Off the Israeli coast, The Tower’s photographer took his camera underwater to meet the fish that might the change the world.

Fifteen kilometers off the coast of the Israeli port city, Ashdod, at the depth of the Mediterranean’s “sunlight zone,” a soundless technological breakthrough is occurring. One of only a tiny number of open-sea fish farms in the world, Dagei Eichut (“quality fish”) is farm-raising tuna and sea bream in the closest thing to their natural environment.

The developments unfolding below the surface stand to change the global fishing industry, as demand for fresh fish continues to rise as ocean stocks plummet. With the fish swimming in open waters, and not trapped in bays or pools, the technology powering the Dagei Eichut farms could offer the world a new horizon for truly sustainable fishing.

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Banner Photo: Aviram Valdman / The Tower