Debra Kamin

Debra Kamin is an American journalist living in Tel Aviv. Her writing on arts, culture and Israeli life has appeared in The New York Times, Foreign Policy and The Atlantic, among other publications. She is the Tel Aviv stringer for Variety, AKA the "Showbiz Bible," and has reported for them from Doha, Qatar and the Palestinian territories. Kamin holds a master's degree in English literature from the University of Chicago and wrote her thesis on trauma theory and the 9/11 novel. She adapted that work into an essay, "9/11: How Novelists Tell the Story," which was included in The New York Times Syndicate's special editorial package for the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks and appeared in translation in publications across the globe. Her website is and you can follow her on twitter @ Debra_kamin.

Articles by Debra Kamin