Beth Kissileff

Beth Kissileff is the editor of the anthology Reading Genesis (Continuum, 2015) and the novel Questioning Return (Mandel Vilar Press, 2016). She is a freelance journalist who has written for a variety of publications such as, Huffington Post, WashingtonPost,com,,, the Religion News Service, the Forward, Tablet, the New York Jewish Week, Moment, Hadassah, the Jewish Review of Books, the Jerusalem Report and the Jerusalem Post. She has taught Hebrew Bible, English literature, writing and Jewish studies at Carleton College, the University of Minnesota, Smith College and Mount Holyoke College and received fellowships from the Corporation of Yaddo, the Lilly Endowment and the National Endowment for the Humanities. In addition to her journalistic work, she is at work on a second anthology on Exodus, a second novel and a collection of short stories.  

Articles by Beth Kissileff

A 929 study session takes place at the residence of the President of Israel. Photo: Dafna Talmon

David Ben-Gurion envisioned a Jewish state where the Hebrew Bible was studied as a nation’s historical heritage. Backed by key rabbinic and

Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters is a signatory to the Artists for Palestine boycott statement. Photo: Facundo Gaisler / flickr

From London to São Paulo to Pittsburgh, Israeli artists are being subjected to increasingly draconian standards that prohibit the free

Ruth Colian. Photo: Aviram Valdman / The Tower

Sick of being overlooked by Ultra-Orthodox political parties, a new movement could finally bring female Haredi representation to the Knesset.

The Israeli poet Admiel Kosman is based in Germany. Photo: Noam Rosenthal

Across Europe and on both American coasts, Israeli expat writers are revolutionizing Hebrew literature while—or perhaps because—they are separated from the

Photo: Aviram Valdman / The Tower

A quiet revolution has taken place in women’s religious education in Israel. Rachelle Fraenkel, whose son was kidnapped and murdered by terrorists

Lihi Lapid. Photo: Vardi Kahana / The Tower

A Different Way to Lean In

26.11.13 at 16:27

The novelist, photographer, and wife of Israel's finance minister has a tough message for modern women: Don't believe in fairy