Issue 39

June 2016
The Tower Magazine

The Mind of the President

The intrigue surrounding the Iran deal has revealed a much deeper mystery: What is the philosophy guiding American foreign policy? DAVID HAZONY explores the unusual, terrifying dream of a man looking for a legacy.

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Revenge as a National Ethos

ANNIKA HERNROTH-ROTHSTEIN went to Tehran to find the reasons behind the regime's anti-Western belligerence. What she found was a hatred more profound, sincere and indelible than she ever imagined.

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Brazil Has Problems of Its Own. Why So Nasty to Israel?

ANDRÉ LAJST explores the rise of an anti-Israel movement in the world's fifth-largest country.

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Serving their Country, Quietly and Bravely

SARA TOTH STUB meets the Bedouin Arabs who serve in the IDF, and explores the acute social and economic challenges they face in a country that hasn't fully figured them out.

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For Children at Risk, a New Way Forward

BEVERLY SIEGEL explores the Israeli 'mishpachton,' an institution that may revolutionize social services around the world.

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PHOTOS: An African Baptism in Tel Aviv

Israel has absorbed thousands of migrants from Sudan, Eritrea, and other African countries. AVIRAM VALDMAN took his camera to a ceremony until recently unknown in the Jewish state.

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