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Khamenei: Nuclear Talks Expose “Enmity” of U.S. “Satan”

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei lashed out against the United States on Thursday.

“We had announced previously that on certain issues, if we feel it is expedient, we would negotiate with the Satan (the United States) to deter its evil,” Khamenei told a gathering, reported by the official IRNA news agency. “The nuclear talks showed the enmity of America against Iran, Iranians, Islam and Muslims.”

The statements came amid growing concerns – including from largely sympathetic outlets corners – that Iranian president Hassan Rouhani lacks the will or ability to substantially change Iranian domestic and foreign policy. By law and assisted by raw political power, the Supreme Leader controls among other things Iran’s foreign policy. For his part Rouhani used to be openly acknowledged as close to Khamenei – a Reuters article from 2008 is to the point, and the characterization seems straightforwardly accurate – but since his election he has been framed by Western media outlets as a moderate opponent of the regime. It is not yet clear to what extent the White House will condemn Khamenei’s remarks. The administration was markedly slow in condemning past inflamatory statements by Khamenei.

[Photo: CLIKATV / YouTube]