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Fatah, Main Palestinian Political Party, Condemns Killing of Hamas Member who Murdered Rabbi

Fatah, the main Palestinian political party and which is headed by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, condemned Israel for the killing of Ahmad Jarrar in a firefight, The Times of Israel reported Tuesday.

Jarrar, who Hamas described as a commander, was the leader of the terrorist cell responsible for the killing of a rabbi, Raziel Shevach, last month. In a shootout with Israeli security forces last month, one member of the the cell was killed and a second one captured. Jarrar, however, escaped.

A Fatah spokesman, Osama Qawassmeh, said that death of Jarrar, who was killed in a shootout with the IDF, was “a type of field execution” and an Israeli “crime” that violated international law.

Another Fatah spokesman Jamal Nazzal, charged Israel with carrying out “bloody extrajudicial killings.”

The Fatah Facebook page had photographs of Jarrar, and his father, Nasser, also a member of Hamas, who was killed by the IDF  in 2002, and hailed them as “martyrs.” The photographs were accompanied by an Arab proverb, “Like the cub from that lion.

Although the Palestinian Authority and Hamas have been unable to work out an agreement for the PA to take over control of Gaza, the designation of Farrar as a “martyr” means that his family is eligible for monthly stipends from the PA.

The Palestinian Authority’s 2017 budget revealed that payments to the families of “martyrs,” often terrorists who have killed Israelis, increased by 4% from 660 million shekels ($183 million) in 2016 to 687 million shekels ($197 million) in 2017.

[Photo: Twitter]