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3 More Totally Crazy Things Oberlin Professor Joy Karega Appears to Believe

Oberlin College professor Joy Karega has been under fire over the past week after The Tower revealed that she had a history of posting anti-Israel and anti-Semitic conspiracies theories on her Facebook page. It is now evident that she has used social media to express preposterous beliefs on other subjects as well. While Karega has deleted many of her social media postings and made most of her online presence private, The Tower obtained screenshots of them when they were public.

1. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Was a Tool of Oppression.

On September 11, 2014, Karega tweeted a link to an article entitled “The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: White American Solidarity for the Corporate Plantation,” at a website called the Black Agenda Report.


Through the summer of 2014, a campaign was launched to raise awareness of amyotropic lateral sclerosis (ALS), the terminal condition also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Across the Internet, people posted videos of having a bucket full of ice dumped on them in an effort to draw attention to the disease. The article posted by Karega, however, alleged that the Ice Bucket Challenge was really a racist innovation. “The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has little to do with finding treatment for ALS and everything to do with the American Empire’s need to foster White American, racist solidarity in a period of permanent of crisis,” Black Agenda Report reported.

2. Hurricane Sandy and Winter Storm Jonas Were Deliberately Engineered by People who Have Learned How to Weaponize Weather.

On January 20, 2016, Karega posted her own comment to this video based on a Fox News report on how Hurricane Sandy was becoming a super-storm. “Weather engineering and manipulation. This has been at work for a LONG time,” she wrote. “But it’s crazy how you can show folks evidence of chemtrails, etc, etc, and they still won’t believe that weather has been weaponized.”

Gawker’s Dennis Mersereau wrote a primer on the “chemtails” conspiracy theory in 2014:

The “chemtrail” conspiracy theory (incorrectly) states that the condensation trails (contrails) left behind by high-flying airplanes are really chemicals sprayed by government aircraft to control/poison/do whatever to the population. It’s so ridiculous that I’m getting tired of explaining it to people.

Contrails are cirrus clouds created by the warm, moist jet exhaust of high-flying aircraft meeting the extremely cold air in the upper atmosphere. There is no such thing as a “chemtrail,” but the wackadoodles who believe in them won’t take no for an answer.


The video Karega posted starts with a Fox News weather report on Sandy, but is interrupted after about 90 seconds with a replay loop showing Sandy’s development and a voiceover explaining that you can see “chem dumps” that are being dumped into the storm to make it stronger. The text of the voiceover, which comes from the conspiracy theory site, alleges that “There is infrasonic-undulation going on all around and about this storm (5:16): Steering it where someone wants it to go. On again and off again, all of this is showing up on this radar image.”

A Google search of the term “infrasonic-undulation” did not yield results from any scientific websites, such as the National Weather Service, among its top results. Instead, hits came from sites peddling conspiracy theories.

An image added at the end of the video shows a caricature of President Barack Obama appearing to use a joystick to control the weather. The title of the video is “Hurricane Sandy – HAARP – Super Storm Creation – To Get Obama Reelected?”


A few days later Karega posted a link to a blog post alleging that Winter Storm Jonas, which hit the east coast in January, was “geo-engineered” and that it showed “the total desperation of the global power structure.” Karega quoted the blog post, which referred to “weather warfare” as a “weapon of mass distraction.”



3.  Bernie Sanders is a Sheep Dog Who Does What He’s Told.

In a Facebook posting on January 16, Karega wrote, “Yep. Bernie Sanders, the Sheep-Dog candidate, knows his lines in this latest iteration of Political Theatre that is electoral politics. ALL the so-called ‘candidates’ been putting on a show. We get this Theatre every 4 years. And too many folks just eat it up cause they don’t have a good understanding of WHO and WHAT actually runs this country, and HOW power and hegemony are established, upheld, and maintained.” While Karega didn’t say here “who” runs the United States, in one of the controversial Facebook posts that was uncovered last week by The Tower, she posted an image of Jewish banker, Jacob Rothschild, claiming that he, among other things, controls “your government.” Another post alleged that Jews controlled President Obama. Her imputations that Jews control the government has led some critics to label her postings as anti-Semitic.












Oberlin College, where Karega is a professor of rhetoric and composition, charges nearly $50,000 in tuition per year. Karega’s affinity for conspiricism is of obvious interest to anyone who financially supports, attends, or is considering attending that college.

[Photo: PEREXUSREX / YouTube ]