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McGraw-Hill Publishes College Textbook With Mendacious Anti-Israel Maps

This is the cover of the McGraw-Hill textbook “Global Politics: Engaging a Complex World“:



Here is a scan of page 123. The book republished the propaganda poster of The Map That Lies!


The same lies are repeated here. To recap:

Map 1: calling public lands that made up far more than half the total land  “Palestinian land” while Jewish lands are only the privately owned Jewish lands. “Palestine” was the entire British mandate, no one called the Arabs “Palestinians.”

Map 2: A partition plan that never materialized because Arabs tried to throw the Jews into the sea. Again, no one called the Arabs “Palestinians” so the failed partition was not between Jewish land and “Palestinian” land.

Map 3: Land controlled by Egypt and Jordan, without any objection by the Arab residents, is falsely called “Palestinian land.” No, it was Jordanian annexed and Egyptian controlled. (Of course, Arab communities in Israel are not called out.)

Map 4: The borders must be decided between the two sides, but even Israel’s government doesn’t call all the white areas “Israeli land.” And the Palestinian land, is the first example of an autonomous area under Palestinian Arab control in history – something that Israel gave up for peace. The amount of “Palestinian land” hasn’t shrunk – it was created for the first time ever.

Calling the four maps “stages” is even more offensive, as if this was a Jewish plot from the start to steal “Palestinian” land and force them out. Israel has given up land for peace since 1967, in the Sinai, Gaza, part of Judea and Samaria and southern Lebanon. Calling these four maps “stages” – especially when map 2 never existed in reality – is anti-Israel propaganda. And McGraw-Hill cannot blame the source for that – their stated source does not use the word “stages” in their version.

The text also refers to the security barrier as if its route is shown in the maps.

It isn’t. The authors did zero fact checking. (The previous page says that the Six Day War forced a mass exodus of Palestinians, causing them to become a stateless nation. In fact, there was no forced expulsion in 1967 and the timeframes are completely wrong by any standard.)

I once made a more accurate map:

Israeli land concessions_EOZ_

That shows how Israel keeps trying to give up real land for peace. And it has offered a great deal more for peace with the Palestinians. The book could have gone into why they continuously reject these peace offers…but it chose not to.

The textbook authors have taken a false narrative and are teaching it to students across the nation.

McGraw-Hill must be held accountable for pushing such propaganda in college classrooms. The email address for their customer services is; let me know how they respond.

Hat tip to David Abrams of the Zionist Advocacy Center in New York (and who has been featured here before).

“Elder of Ziyon” has been blogging about Israel and the Middle East since 2004. This post was originally published on his website.

For an in-deph refutation of the maps, and to see a more accurate series, read The Mendacious Maps of Palestinian “Loss,” written by Shany Mor for the January 2015 issue of The Tower Magazine.

[Photo: eltpics / Flickr]