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New Poll Shows Voters Oppose Iran Nuke Deal By 2 to 1 Margin

A new poll released today shows that Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to the pending nuclear deal with Iran.

57 percent of Americans surveyed in a Qunnipiac University poll said that they disapprove of the deal, more than twice as many as the 28 percent in favor. The vast majority of respondents said that they believe the deal will make America less safe.

The poll also showed that support for President Barack Obama’s handling of the negotiations with Iran has dropped from 48 percent in late 2013 to 35 percent today.

In a press release (.pdf) about the polling, Quinnipiac noted that only 52 percent of Democrats support the deal, underlining the weak support nationwide for the deal.

“There’s not a lot of love for the proposed nuclear deal with Iran. Only a bare majority of Democrats support the pact,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

Quinnipiac also found that Americans believe that the deal makes the world “less safe” by a margin of 58 percent to 30 percent.

A pair of polls published last week by The Israel Project—one of American Jews, the other of all Americans—found that the more details respondents know about the deal, the less they like it. The Israel Project publishes The Tower.

[Photo: CBS New York / YouTube ]