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New Poll: Opposition to Iran Deal Surges Across Political Spectrum

A poll conducted by Olive Tree Strategies and released today by The Israel Project (TIP) reveals growing opposition to the recently concluded nuclear deal with Iran, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). The results show that the percentage of respondents who disapprove of the JCPOA has risen from 30% in the beginning of June to 44% today. Overall the poll shows that optimism about the deal has been dropping with increased focus on security issues. The Israel Project publishes The Tower.

The Daily Beast reported:

A new poll conducted for The Israel Project and exclusively obtained by The Daily Beast showed that a majority of voters—52 percent—disapprove of President Obama’s handling of nuclear negotiations with Iran. Meanwhile, 62 percent want Congress to reject the deal and refrain from lifting sanctions on Iran.

In the beginning of June, just 30 percent disapproved of the framework agreement with Iran. When nearly 2,000 registered voters were surveyed over the past week, 44 percent now say they disapprove of the agreement.

The Daily Beast quoted Josh Block, CEO and President of TIP, saying, “When members of Congress are back in their districts, they are going to be hearing from people out at dinner, at their offices, and at town hall meetings.”

This poll is the latest in a series reflecting increasing levels of disapproval of the JCPOA within the American public. Earlier this week, CNN reported that Americans want Congress to reject the deal by a margin of 52% to 44%, while The Washington Post observed yesterday that trends in recent polling data show that “public support for the final Iran deal is clearly weaker than before it was announced.”

Some of the key findings of today’s poll include a 17% overall decrease of support for the deal since June. Last month, voters who were surveyed favored the agreement by 43% to 30%, but voters now oppose it by 44% to 40%. When voters were presented with arguments for and against the current deal, taken directly from the White House website and that of the JCPOA’s critics, the poll showed that 53% wanted Congress to reject it. When voters were presented with questions that included potential concerns about the deal, opposition grew to 62%, with only 23% supporting it. A majority of those surveyed said that opposing the deal is the responsibility of their representatives.

Yesterday, TIP released the most extensive poll of American Jews and their views of the on the Iranian nuclear deal to date, which similarly showed that American Jewish opposition to the JCPOA increased as more details of the deal surfaced. That poll was also conducted by Olive Tree Strategies.

The data for the poll released today can be viewed here, with charts showing highlights of the polling data available here.

[Photo: Josiah Ryan / YouTube ]