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Report: Bahrain Foiled Iranian Terror Plot Against Saudi Arabia

Police in Bahrain announced today that they had seized Iranian-made explosives intended for terrorist use against neighboring Saudi Arabia.

Reuters reported:

In a statement, police chief Major-General Tariq al-Hasan said the techniques used in the manufacture of the explosives bore “clear similarities” to methods used by what it called proxy groups of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp. (IRGC). …

Hasan said the seized items, including powerful explosive C4, commercial detonators, advanced circuitry, chemicals and mobile phones, “represent a significant escalation in attempts to smuggle explosives material into Bahrain.” …

Hasan added that the June 6 operation and previous such seizures “point to an emerging trend. The professionalism with which these seized materials are assembled and concealed is a clear indication of international support and sponsorship.”

According to Hasan, the target of the explosives appeared to be Saudi Arabia.

The IRGC has been used by the Iranian regime to crush pro-democracy protests, control large sectors of the country’s economy, and facilitate terrorist projects across the globe. IRGC troops are present in Syria to defend the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, as well as assist the Lebanese terror movement Hezbollah, which it founded, in Lebanon. The IRGC also supports the Houthi terror movement in Yemen and sectarian militias in Iraq that have perpetrated massacres of Sunni civilians. In previous years, Iran has been tied to attacks in South America and Europe as well.

Hasan attributed the arrests to information gleaned from the capture of a terror cell in May, which was broken up after the discovery of a similar plot to smuggle explosives into Saudi Arabia.

[Photo: Hatem Achouri / YouTube ]