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Terrorist Killed in Gaza Tunnel Collapse amid Reports That Hamas Is Rebuilding Infrastructure

Ynet reported Monday that a Hamas terrorist was killed when a tunnel collapsed in northern Gaza. Tunnels in northern Gaza are primarily designed to allow terrorists to infiltrate Israeli territory.

The incident occurred amid growing concerns that Hamas is rebuilding its terror infrastructure, much of which was destroyed by Israel last summer during Operation Protective Edge. According to Zionist Union MK Omer Bar-Lev, one of the rebuilt tunnels may reach into Israel, The Times of Israel reported today:

“Hamas has gone back to digging tunnels, and it is likely that at least one of them has even crossed the border fence, which is an affront to the State of Israel’s sovereignty,” Bar-Lev said at the opening session of the Israel Bar Association’s conference in Eilat Sunday night, according to a statement from his office. …

Since a ceasefire was called, army officials and sources inside Gaza have said Hamas has attempted to quickly rehabilitate the military infrastructure damaged during the fighting, including digging new tunnels and developing rockets.

Security sources reportedly denied claims that any of the rebuilt tunnels have breached Israel’s borders.

Reports that Hamas was testing new rockets and diverting construction materials meant for rebuilding Gaza to rebuild terror tunnels emerged as early as December of 2014. Last month, reports surfaced that Hamas was using heavy equipment to rebuild the tunnels and stealing cement from civilian reconstruction projects for that goal. Efforts to rebuild Gaza have stalled due to infighting between Hamas and the Fatah dominated Palestinian Authority.

On Friday, an explosion at a Hamas terror training camp injured at least fifty people, reportedly mostly women and children.

[Photo: CNN / YouTube ]