Poll: Americans See Nuclear Iran As a Critical Threat

77% of Americans polled see the “development of nuclear weapons by Iran” as a critical threat to the United States, The Algemeiner reported yesterday.

A significant majority of Americans — some 77% of those polled — see the “development of nuclear weapons by Iran” as a “critical threat”; another 16% see it as “important but not critical”, according to new numbers from Gallup. …

The poll placed the question of Iranian nukes near the top of the list of threats Gallup asked about, behind only the activities of ISIS and the more general “international terrorism”. It outranked the “criticality” of threats posed by North Korea and by the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

According to the poll, the development of nuclear weapons Iran was one of the top four critical threats facing the United States.

The Islamic State has continually been a focal point on the world stage over the past several months as it has brutally executed hostages — including several Americans, leading 84% of their fellow citizens to rank the terrorist group as a critical threat. Americans place the threat from international terrorism in general at the same level.

Only two other issues are considered critical threats by a majority of Americans. Although the U.S. has been conducting talks with Iran to reduce or eliminate Iran’s nuclear capabilities, 77% of Americans still view the development of nuclear weapons by Iran as a critical threat. Sixty-four percent view North Korea as a critical threat.

Iran is tied to the other three top threats. Iran’s support of Shiite militias in Iraq is seen as a driving force behind Iraqi Sunnis joining the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Iran is a leading sponsor of international terrorism. Iran has been working with North Korea on developing cyber-warfare capabilities and possibly illicit nuclear research.

In November of last year, President Barack Obama extended the state of emergency the United States has with Iran for the thirty-sixth year. At the time he expressed his intent to renew the state of emergency, Obama said that “our relations with Iran have not yet returned to normal.”

[Photo: JewishNewsOne / YouTube ]