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Argentina Blocks Bombing Prosecutor from Testifying to Congress on Iran Terrorism, South American Infiltration

Alberto Nisman, the prosecutor assigned to investigate the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish Community in Buenos Aries that killed 87 and injured hundreds, has compiled an exhaustive report on his findings. He has issued an indictment outlining evidence and charges spanning 500 pages. He has laid out how Iran has used its own agents and the agents of its terror proxies to infiltrate South America.

The United States Congress would like to know more, and has invited Nisman to testify. The Argentinian government – which has recently been blasted for trying to cover up the extent of Iran’s role in the attack in order to facilitate reconciliation with Tehran – won’t let him go:

Argentina’s Prosecutor General Alejandra Gils Carbo has prevented AMIA case Special Prosecutor Alberto Nisman from attending the US Congress. Nisman was expected to expose the 500-page indictment accusing Iran of allegedly “infiltrating” Latin America to establish “intelligence networks”…

The US Congress wants to hear from Nisman about his investigation and the House Homeland Security Committee, scheduled a hearing titled “Threat to the Homeland: Iran’s Extending Influence in the Western Hemisphere”. The panel’s chairman, Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.), tweeted, “I invited AMIA prosecutor Nisman to testify about Iran’s influence in western hemp but Argentine gov denied his request. Not transparent”.

According to Argentine media, Nisman was ordered by Prosecutor General Alejandra Gils Carbó to not talk to Congress because the testimony “is not related to the function of the public prosecutor.” The government then “clarified” that it was an issue of approving travel costs.

Writing last month in Foreign Poolicy, Washington Institute fellow Matthew Levitt emphasized that there is “no doubt” that “Iranian agents” were behind the AMIA bombing.

The State Department’s 2012 report on global terrorism further describes how Iran has been enhancing its ties with Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. Another report outlines Iran’s outreach to Bolivia.

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