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Iran Admits to 1.7 Million Child Workers

As negotiations over the fate of its nuclear program continue in Vienna, Iranian officials have revealed shocking new statistics about the lives of women and children under the Ayatollahs’ regime, including the fact that 1.7 million children are currently working in Iran, according to the state-run News Network TV.

Mostafa Fayzi, head of Inspection Organization of the Tehran Municipality, revealed that the city uses children to collect the trash.

Additionally, Rahmatollah Hafezi, an official of the Tehran Municipality, acknowledged that 3,000 women sleep are forced to sleep in the streets just in Tehran alone. According to Reza Jahangiri, Deputy Director of State Welfare Organization of Tehran Municipality, the average age of these women is 17-18 years old.

According to the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), a France-based opposition group, the Iranian regime official also acknowledged that the government has not provided any shelter for these desolate women. Hafezi, Chair of the Health and Environment Commission on the Tehran city council, announced over the weekend that the homeless population in Tehran now reaches 15,000, with some of them living in cardboard boxes (Persian link).

Sarvnaz Chitsaz, the NCRI’s Women’s Committee Chair, expressed her outrage regarding the wretched condition of women who are victims of the Iranian regime tyranny:

These shocking statistics which in reality are far less than the actual numbers, is just a glimpse at the catastrophic condition that the evil rule of the mullahs has imposed on the Iranian people and in particular the defenseless women and children.

Even as Iranian women and children live destitute lives, one of the foundations belonging to the regime’s supreme leader has plundered 95 billion dollars of Iranian peoples’ wealth. The power struggle among the Islamic regime’s officials and the greater dimensions of the plunder of the national wealth by various ruling factions is being disclosed almost every day by new revelations of corruption.

Chitsaz stated that “as long as the criminal regime of the mullahs reigns in Iran, the cycle of livelihood of Iranians and the condition of women will center on suppression, poverty and gloom.” In this context, the NCRI said:

The sole solution for the emancipation of the Iranian people, especially women and children, from the misery caused by the mullahs is the overthrow of this anti-human regime. The struggle to attain this national aspiration is the foremost duty of every Iranian.

[Photo: PressTV News / YouTube]