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Vienna Dispatch: Iran Nuclear Deal ‘Impossible’ by Deadline; Extension Expected

VIENNA – The resolution of a nuclear deal between Iran and the West looks increasingly unlikely, as a member of the Iranian negotiating team told Iranian state media that agreeing to a final deal before tomorrow’s deadline would be “impossible.”

As Reuters reported:

“Considering the short time left until the deadline and number of issues that needed to be discussed and resolved, it is impossible to reach a final and comprehensive deal by Nov. 24,” Iran’s ISNA news agency quoted an unidentified member of the country’s negotiating team in Vienna as saying.

“The issue of extension of the talks is an option on the table and we will start discussing it if no deal is reached by Sunday night,” the official said.

An Iranian diplomat was quoted by Buzzfeed as saying that the largest sticking point in negotiations has been the “scale of enrichment” of uranium. Western negotiators have reportedly already made large concessions on forcing Iran to close its Arak heavy-water reactor and disclosing the history and possible military dimensions of its nuclear program.

The Associated Press had more:

[An Iranian diplomat] said the tipping point could come Sunday night, with Iran and six world powers deciding that their differences are too big to meet the Monday deadline, and switching to extension mode.

From that point on, he said, the negotiations would focus on reaching a “general political agreement” on what both sides are committed to resolving.

Diplomats have floated various dates for when extended talks could take place, from as early as December to as late as “several months” from now.

The Iranian diplomat quoted by Buzzfeed stated that his delegation is “in good spirits.”

[Photo: PressTV News Videos / YouTube]