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Amb. Dermer ‘Deeply Disappointed’ with U.S. Comments on Abbas-Hamas Gov’t

In a rare public display of Jerusalem’s  displeasure with the State Department, Israeli Ambassador to Washington Ron Dermer took to the Facebook social-media website to offer his views on the American decision to maintain ties with the new Palestinian government. The government was formed jointly by Hamas and Fatah. The U.S. designated Hamas a terror organization.

Israel is deeply disappointed with the State Department’s comments today on the Palestinian unity government with Hamas, a terrorist organization responsible for the murder of many hundreds of Israelis, which has fired thousands of rockets at Israeli cities, and which remains committed to Israel’s destruction.

Had Hamas changed, it would be one thing. But Hamas hasn’t changed. It remains as committed to Israel’s destruction today as it was yesterday.

This Palestinian unity government is a government of technocrats backed by terrorists, and should be treated as such.

With suits in the front office and terrorists in the back office, it should not be business as usual.

Dermer was referring to comments made by State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki, who said the U.S. will work with the new Palestinian cabinet.

Well, at this point, it appears that President Abbas has formed an interim technocratic government that does not include ministers affiliated with Hamas. Moving forward, we will be judging this government by its actions. Based on what we know now, we intend to work with this government, but we’ll be watching closely to ensure that it upholds the principles that President Abbas reiterated today.

Earlier in the day, June 2, Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz made clear why the new line-up of Palestinian ministers is wholly unacceptable to Israel. He made his comment during a news conference hosted by The Israel Project.

The most important thing is not who are the personalities, or the ministers, but who sent them, who they represent in the government…

Hamas is saying ‘we send those people’ and they really choose them…This is domestic.  And to the world they are saying ‘yeah but they are technocrats, they are not active members.’ Enough with the tricks.

[Photo: Embassy of Israel / YouTube ]