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Abbas-Hamas Deal Slightly Delayed as Both Sides Reaffirm Goal

The May 28 deadline for a Hamas-Fatah Palestinian government has been and gone and it is suggested it might still take another week before any announcement of a coalition cabinet.

While Hamas remained publicly confident a deal would be brokered by May 29, representatives of Fatah, the party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, told reporters the final line-up of ministers is on hold.

An informed source cited disagreement between the two rival groups on the foreign ministry portfolio for postponing the announcement.

“While [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud] Abbas insists on keeping Riyad al-Malik, Hamas wants another person,” the source told (Anadolu Agency).

Hamas has made clear certain Fatah loyalists must be removed from the current government and be replaced by the terror organization’s own candidates.

The government will likely be presented as comprising technocrats with no political affiliation. This is largely to ensure the United States, European Union and other key players do not boycott a cabinet that includes members of a designated terror organization.

Nevertheless, as The Israel Project’s Director of Research David Harris points out, “Hamas and Fatah will be behind every decision of the government and the West needs to see through this thinly veiled attempt to pull the wool over its eyes – a ploy that has worked thus far.”

Abbas destroyed any chances of success for the peace process with Israel when he turned to Hamas five weeks ago.

[Photo: The Israel Project]