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U.K. NGO, Already Embroiled in Anti-Israel Scandal, Accused of Funding Palestinian Terror Affiliates

The Oxfam International aid group has been partnering with at least two subsidiaries of an internationally designated terrorist organization and has been providing them with financial assistance and “additional forms of material support,” according to a letter from The Israel Law Center sent to Oxfam and conveyed Thursday by the Washington Free Beacon.

The Israel Law Center demanded in a letter sent Thursday that Oxfam end its relationships with these two groups—the Union of Health Workers Committees (UHWC) and the Union of Agricultural Workers Committees (UAWC)—or face possible legal action.

“Please be advised that providing services to the terrorist instrumentalities UHWC and/or the UAWC is illegal and may have already exposed Oxfam, its global affiliates and its officers to criminal prosecution and civil liability to Israeli, European, American, Australian citizens, and others victimized by terrorism sponsored by the PFLP, the parent organization of the UHWC and the UAWC,” the letter states, according to a copy obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The PFLP, in turn, has long been designated as a terrorist entity by the United States and European Union, due to terror attacks stretching back to the early 1970s. The letter cites a range of evidence linking both of the subsidiary groups to their alleged parent organization, and bluntly notes both that the groups are “instrumentalities” of the PFLP and that “Oxfam readily acknowledges it works very closely with” them. Oxfam has spent recent weeks mired in controversy after former goodwill ambassador Scarlett Johannson resigned her position due to Oxfam’s public position that Israeli communities beyond the country’s 1949 armistice lines should be economically boycotted and isolated. The advocacy has been blasted by critics as an anti-Semitic call to wage economic warfare against Israeli Jews. Revelations that Oxfam has been supporting groups waging literal war against Israel are likely to deepen skepticism regarding the group’s motives regarding the Jewish state.

[Photo: Dilaudid King / YouTube]