The Israel Project Publishes Resources on Sharon’s Life and Legacy

The Israel Project (TIP) made available today a range of resources highlighting the accomplishments – and, as importantly, the ongoing legacy – of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The Tower’s own obituary is here, and the Tower Magazine’s more in-depth look at the Israeli leader’s life is here.

Josh Block, President and CEO of TIP, described Sharon as an “embodiment of the Jewish state and a heroic protector of her people, who will be remembered not only for his strength, but for his courage in pursuit of peace. Sharon’s contributions to bolstering the US-Israel relationship made both nations safer, and kindled the bonds of democracy, liberty, and shared values that we care so much about.”

TIP this morning also held a conference call with Dov Weissglass, a close friend, confidant, and former advisor to Sharon. The audio and transcript for the call will be available Sunday morning here on TIP’s site.

Infographics describing Sharon’s life can be found on TIP’s Flickr page, and are embedded below.


[Photo: / Flickr]