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Thailand Hands Down Sentences in Iran Terror Trial

A Thai court last week sentenced two Iranians on Thursday to between 15 years and life in prison for an attempted 2012 terror attack against Israeli diplomats stationed in Bangkok.

The bombing attempt was one of at least 10 global terror plots that year, part of what the State Department has since labeled a “marked resurgence” in global Iranian terrorism.

It was was botched:

Saeid Moradi, 29, who lost his limbs as he hurled an explosive device at police, was found guilty on charges including attempted murder and handed a life term by the Bangkok Southern Criminal court. A judge said the court found him “guilty of carrying explosives in public, using explosives to attempt to kill officials and using explosives which caused the destruction of property”. A second defendant, Mohammad Khazaei, 43, was given a 15 year jail term for possession of explosives.

The bomb blew the roof of a Bangkok house where the perpetrators were staying and sent them running into the streets. Moradi then hurled a bomb at a taxi, and a second one at police officers, but did not manage to cause injuries to bystanders.

The defendants were among five Iranians suspected of involvement in planned terror attacks in Thailand. Two have fled to Iran and one who is in custody in Malaysia. He is currently fighting extradition to Thailand.

The attacks came after similar Iranian attempts against Israelis were botched in India and Georgia.

Israel’s ambassador to Thailand, Simon Roded, was straight-forward: “This sentence proves once again that Iran is engaged in the proliferation of terror all around the world.”

[Photo: telegraphtv / YouTube]