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Terrorist Tributes on Palestinian TV Draw European Response

It was 1974 when a wave of attacks on Israeli civilians by a terrorist organization calling itself the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine rocked the people of Israel and shocked the world’s conscience.

In the Israeli city of Ma’alot a three-person terrorist squad that had entered the country from Lebanon seized a school and held 115 people hostage, among them 105 children, for two days. The Palestinian terrorists subsequently murdered 22 were children and three others,  spraying gunfire and grenades in an unconscionable bloody slaughter of innocents.

In the Israeli city of Beit Shean a different DFLP squad broke into an apartment, murdered the mother, and started throwing grenades out the windows. Among the three other civilians ultimately killed was the father and Jean Pierre Alimi, who was shot by the terrorists as he was trying to evacuate the wounded.

Recently the Palestinian Authority broadcast on its official TV channels a tribute to the DFLP celebrating both attacks and praising the murderous terrorists who took the lives of such innocent children and families.

Palestinian Media Watch, a watchdog group that monitors Palestinian media, published details of the program as well as posters celebrating the massacres:

Official Palestinian Authority TV broadcast a tribute this past week to the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP). As part of the tribute a poster honoring the three DFLP terrorists who committed the Ma’alot massacre was highlighted on TV… The PA TV tribute also honored terrorists who were described as “the heroes of Beit Shean, the pride of the Palestinian revolution.” These were three PFLP terrorists who killed four civilians in the Israeli city of Beit Shean.

This was the second year in a row in which the PA has aired tributes featuring celebratory DFLP posters praising killers and other terrorists as heroes.

Critics have blasted the PA for decades of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish incitement, and have linked broadcasts celebrating Palestinian terrorism intransigence in the peace process. Foreign governments, including Europeans, who have long provided the PA with crucial economic assistance, have also finally begun to take notice:

Recent findings by Palestinian Media Watch on the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) glorification of terrorism against Israel were featured in a news report by a television station in Norway, one of the countries contributing funds to the PA, renewing a debate in the Scandinavian country on that funding. The Norwegian state-owned station NRK found that Norway gives the PA about 300 million kroner ($52,628,700) a year, and directly correlated that funding to the PA’s incitement of hatred and glorification of terror.

Funding from throughout the European Union has been implicated in the activities of NGOs which themselves promote and glorify terrorism on Palestinian TV:

[Photo: palwatch / YouTube]