Syria Threatens Jordan, Turkey for “Playing with Fire” by Aiding Rebels

Syria is lashing out at Turkey and Jordan, accusing both countries of providing material and logistical assistance to opposition forces seeking to overthrow the Bashar al-Assad regime. The accusation is more or less accurate inasmuch as Turkey and Jordan are assisting the rebels.

Syria state television, citing reports in The New York Times and other Western news media about Jordan’s role in helping the rebels, said they showed Jordan had “a hand in training terrorists and then facilitating their entry into Syria,” according to a translation by The Associated Press. It quoted state radio as saying Jordan was “playing with fire.”

The statements from Damascus deepen worries that the Syrian conflict will spill over into neighboring countries. Recent weeks have already seen Syrian jets striking rebel positions on Lebanese soil, and Jordan has increased security along its border with Syria.

Meanwhile Assad, in an interview with a Turkish television station, also slammed the Arab League for its decision last week to hand over Syria’s seat, from which Damascus was removed in November 2011, to the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces.

[Photo: UlusalKanal1 / Youtube]