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Rivlin Receives Delegation of Jordanian Sheikhs

A delegation of Jordanian sheikhs representing several tribes across Jordanian society met with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin at the president’s residence Wednesday.

Members of the Middle East Department, of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also participated in the meeting with the sheikhs.

The sheikhs are visiting Israel for five days while meeting citizens across Israel with the intent of improving understanding between the two societies.

Rivlin discussed growing up in Jerusalem and his father, who translated both the Quran and “A Thousand and One Nights” into Hebrew, with the sheikhs.

“Our history in Israel, and of my family, is of 210 years of continuous connection with the Arab communities in the Land of Israel, and of course with the Bedouin sheikhs, from whom my father learned much,” Rivlin told the delegation.

He also emphasized the historic ties between the Hashemite Kingdom and the Jews living in Israel, “Israel and the Hashemite Kingdom are working together in the understanding that we are destined to live together in this land.”

“We have come from the land of a hero of peace, King Hussein, a land of agreement, cooperation, and giving, a land of peace and tolerance,” the sheikhs told Rivlin, thanking him for his welcome. “We came here in order to implement the peace process, in the name of the leaders of the Hashemite Kingdom, and we bring words of peace to all with whom we speak.”

[Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs ]