Photos Show Renewed Work at Iran Military Bomb Development Site

Iran is continuing to expand a military facility where it is widely suspected the regime conducted work relevant to developing nuclear warheads, including advanced detonation testing of triggers for nuclear weapons. New satellite photos published by the Daily Telegraph show renewed construction at the Parchin facility, which is on an Iranian military base:

”One of the buildings appears to be for the purpose of an activity that requires venting, possibly a test facility or laboratory. The other large building appears to be a control building to monitor activity in the first building,” it said… The largest building has been constructed in a relatively isolated location, cut into a hillside. “This suggests an activity takes place within which may be volatile enough to warrant protection to the surrounding area should anything go wrong,” added the analysis.

Some other activity appears to be directed toward destroying evidence of past work. Iran continues to bar inspectors from Parchin, despite repeated demands from IAEA chief Yukiya Amano for access without further delay. Talks regarding the facility conducted last month between IAEA and Iranian negotiators ended without progress, as did previous rounds before Iran began its effort to erase any evidence of its nuclear weapons-related work.

Talks between the P5+1 and Iran conducted last week in Kazakhstan, designed to increase transparency around Iran’s nuclear enrichment work, similarly ended without any breakthroughs. The lack of progress came despite significant new concessions offered by Western negotiators. Iranian officials reportedly emerged from the talks upbeat, and Tehran cast the entire process as a victory.

[Photo: Euronews / YouTube]