Palestinian Affairs

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Palestinian President: Convicted Terrorist Bomber Was a “Pure Soul”

Secretary of State John Kerry’s announcement that Israeli-Palestinian peace talks are set to resume is running into immediate hurdles, with Palestinians issuing further demands before agreeing to return to the negotiating table.

Kerry’s initiative also faces more systematic problems. Palestinian glorification of terrorism and Palestinian incitement, which has been explicitly condemned by President Barack Obama, appear to be continuing apace.

This week Ahmed Jabarah died and was buried with military honors in Ramallah. Jabarah – also known as Abu Sukkar – was nicknamed as the “refrigerator bomber” for a terror attack he facilitated in Jerusalem in 1975. When he was released ten years ago as part of a “confidence building measure,” he expressed no remorse.

Palestinian Media Watch transcribed the tribute that Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas paid to the late terrorist:

In his eulogy Abbas referred to Abu Sukkar’s “pure soul” and described him as “a righteous son and loyal fighter”: “With the death of this fighter, Palestine and its people have lost a righteous son and loyal fighter, devoted wholeheartedly to protecting our people’s rights. He dedicated most of his life to this people’s independence and paid with many years of his life in the occupation’s prisons so that the dawn of freedom will break over the pure land of Palestine.”

PA television is also taking the month of Ramadan to broadcast an anti-Semitic Egyptian cartoon titled “Raids of the Prophet.” The story describes the expulsion of Jews from Medina and characterizes Jews as in league with the devil.

[Photo: Charlie Rose / Youtube]