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Palestinian Authority-Sponsored Youth Magazine Glorifies Hitler

Zayzafuna is a Palestinian Authority (PA)-sponsored youth magazine. Its advisory board includes PA Deputy Minister of Education Jihad Zakameh. It is occasionally lauded for publishing educational information. Other times its content is less productive:

A children’s educational magazine sponsored by the Palestinian Authority extols the wit and wisdom of Adolf Hitler — by wrongly attributing 10 quotes to the Nazi leader… [Zayzafuna] published the list of quotes in its August edition in a section titled “Among Hitler’s sayings,” Palestinian Media Watch reported. “If you were stabbed in the back, know that you are in front,” one saying read… Palestinian Media Watch officials said the purpose of the list is seemingly to present Hitler as a “sharp-witted and wise” person.

Zayzafuna had previously published an essay in which a girl dreams about talking to several people throughout history. One is Adolf Hitler, who tells her he killed Jews “so you would all know that they are a nation which spreads destruction all over the world.”

The new Zayzafuna edition comes amid a wave of anti-Israel incitement being published by official PA outlets:

[N]o less than five articles in the official PA daily cited different Palestinian Authority officials accusing Israel of having a policy to disseminate drugs among Palestinian youth… The District Governor of Jenin said Israel “seeks to harm the Palestinian people and to destroy it and its national enterprise [through drugs] as a continuation of its Zionist enterprise.”

The District Governor of Ramallah spoke about the drug problem, mentioning Israel’s “efforts to humiliate our youth, to break their willpower, and to distance them from their [Palestinian] cause and their principles, by spreading drugs among them” and emphasized that “the occupation does not hesitate to exercise all forms of control over our youth, using dirty and inhuman methods.”

[Photo: Palestinian Media Watch]