Over 60 Dead in Egypt Amid Muslim Brotherhood “Day of Rage”

The Washington Post headlines its late afternoon coverage of the Egyptian crisis as “clashes erupt in Egypt as [Mohammed] Morsi supporters observe ‘day of rage’.”

Egypt slid closer to civil conflict Friday after anti-government demonstrations called by the Muslim Brotherhood erupted in widespread violence involving the security forces, protesters and armed civilians on both sides of the nation’s widening political divide. Gunfire crackled, smoke billowed into the sky, and armored vehicles careened through the streets of the capital, as civilians carrying pistols and machetes set up checkpoints.

Roughly 60 people were killed today in nation-wide violence according to the Associated Press. Video circulated over social media sites purported to show Brotherhood protesters “starting uncontrolled fires as security officers attempted to disperse them.” Agence France Presse described the nation’s Christians as “living in fear after a string of attacks against churches, businesses and homes,” part of what Arabic sources had previously characterized as “frenzied” attacks by pro-Morsi factions.

“People are terrified; no one dares leave home,” Marco, a 27-year-old engineer, told AFP by phone from the central city of Sohag. The city has become a ghost town, he said, describing an atmosphere of terror where attackers “know where the Copts live” and torched several churches before turning to homes.

Muslim Brotherhood officials hailed what they described as the “glorious heroic scenes” during the day and called for more demonstrations.

[Photo: Tele graph / YouTube]