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Muslim Brotherhood Orders Followers Into the Streets, As Prosecutors Widen Crackdown

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has refused to work with what it called the “usurper government” installed after the army on Wednesday ousted Egypt’s Brotherhood-linked government. Instead it has called its followers into the streets:

The National Coalition in Support of Legitimacy “calls on the Egyptian people to take to the streets and mobilize peacefully” after Friday prayers “to say ‘No’ to military detentions, ‘No’ to the military coup”… Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood meanwhile responded to the military intervention, stating that it will not work with “the usurper authorities”, a member of its executive board said on Thursday, rejecting feelers from the newly sworn-in head of state after the military removed Islamist President Mohamed Morsi from power.

Meanwhile prosecutors ordered the arrest of the supreme guide of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, making Mohammed Badie the latest and highest-ranking member of the Islamist group to be detained since was ousted by the army on Wednesday.

Egypt’s MENA news agency reported that arrest warrants had been issued Thursday for Badie and his deputy, financier and ex-presidential candidate Khairat al-Shater. The two stand accused of “inciting violence” that led to bloodshed between pro- and anti-government protesters over the past week.

CNN interviewed a Brotherhood spokesman on the issue of the arrests who was able to directly confirm some of the arrests.

[Photo: FRANCE 24 English / YouTube]