Issue 49

April-May 2017
The Tower Magazine

The Other War Crimes in Syria

Well before Bashar Al-Assad gassed hundreds of citizens, other Iranian proxies in Syria were carrying out horrific war crimes as well. SHLOMO BOLTS and MOHAMMED A. GHANEM offer a crushing indictment.

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Would Palestine Fail?

While the West debates over the future of the "two-state solution," few are asking the hard questions about what a Palestinian state would actually look like--and whether it would work at all. EYLON ASLAN-LEVY takes a hard look.

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American Anti-Semitic Acts, By the Numbers

While American Jews worry about a rise in anti-Semitism, a little-told story has emerged: Many of those attacks are being carried out by Arabs and Muslims. JOHANNA MARKIND takes a look at the data.

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Israel's New Tahini Empire

A savory distant cousin of peanut butter has broken out of the Middle East and, with the help of Israeli entrepreneurs, invaded the American pantry. SARA TOTH STUB reports.

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The Myth of the Palestinian Mandela

DEXTER VAN ZILE looks at the false promise of Marwan Barghouti, a Palestinian leader in jail on multiple murder convictions.

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PHOTOS: Israel's Festival of Freedom

Israelis do Passover a little different, turning it into a holiday of national thanksgiving and the collective celebration of hard-won liberation.

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