Issue 42

September 2016
The Tower Magazine

The Silent Scream of Iran's Jews

ANNIKA HERNROTH-ROTHSTEIN spent a Shabbat with the Jews of Tehran. What they told her was almost as harrowing as what they didn't.

continue reading >> Jews praying in Tehran. Photo: Alex Milad / flickr

The Next War Will Be a Godawful Mess

After years fighting in Syria, has the Iran-backed terror group Hezbollah reinvented itself as a regular army? As DAVID DAOUD shows, the answer is complicated—and scary.

continue reading >> The Tourist Landmark of the Resistance is a Hezbollah museum in Mleeta, Lebanon. Photo: Helga Tawil Souri / flickr

A Paradise for Global Veganism

A combination of Mediterranean food culture and cutting-edge social awareness has turned Israel into a magnet for vegans around the world. RACHEL FRAZIN gives us a taste.

continue reading >> Hummus1025

Why the Kurds Should Fascinate Liberals

Everywhere the Kurds rule, they've embraced gender equality and protected minorities. So why, SETH J. FRANTZMAN asks, isn't the West fully behind them?

continue reading >> A member of the PDKI Peshmerga. Photo: Kurdish Struggle / flickr

You Won't Fix Iraq Without Fixing This

BERNARD STANFORD explores Iraq's enormous water problem—and how it will affect any political solution for an already beleaguered country.

continue reading >> A family in Baghdad makes its way through streets flooded by a water main break. Photo: Spc. Charles Gill / flickr

PHOTOS: Pigskins in the Holy Land

As American football gains fans and players from around the world, Israel has a league of its own.

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