Issue #3

June 2013
The Tower Magazine

The Abyss: Can Anything Save Syria?

The world reels from the cruelty of the Syrian civil war. But as JONATHAN SPYER writes, a serious look at the rebels' struggle and the stakes of failure suggests that Western nations must get involved, and quickly.

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The Greatest Living Hebrew Writer Is Arab

An accomplished novelist, screenwriter, and columnist, Sayed Kashua
has taken Israel by storm. DEBRA KAMIN spoke with the man who has
adopted the classic Jewish literary pose of the outsider—and pointed it
at the Jewish state.

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Hatred Begins in the Classroom

Everyone knows that for peace to prevail, schools need to preach coexistence between Arab and Jew. But as ADI SCHWARTZ discovered, a recent report comparing Palestinian and Israeli textbooks only made matters worse.

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My Jerusalem, Forever Divided, Forever One

One day, writes peace activist GERSHON BASKIN, Israel will share its capital with a Palestinian state. The city will have to find a new way to live, its beautiful mosaic of neighborhoods working together under multiple authorities, weaving together a very possible dream.

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If Peace Never Comes, This Will Be the Reason

DEBORAH DANAN has organized co-existence dialogue for Israelis and Palestinians for years. But one big problem has always gotten in the way—
and understanding it may give us the key to peace at last.

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PHOTOS: City of Gold and Dreams and Blood

Sometimes the most ancient sites offer the most stirring personal moments. AVIRAM VALDMAN aims his camera at the unfathomable human experience
that is Jerusalem.

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