Issue 26

May 2015
The Tower Magazine

Yarmouk and the Failure of Palestine Solidarity

Over 100,000 Palestinians have been displaced or killed in a single refugee camp in Syria. BEN COHEN asks what happens to pro-Palestinian activists whenever Israel is not involved—and what it says about their motives.

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Life Gets Tough for Jews, Swedish Edition

Targeted for humiliation, prohibited from observing her religion in freedom, ANNIKA HERNROTH-ROTHSTEIN tried to draw attention to the plight of Sweden's small Orthodox Jewish community—and that's when the trouble really began.

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The Hijacking of the International Criminal Court

There are 3 kinds of UN bodies: Those that serve no purpose, those that are truly noble, and those that have been taken over by the anti-Israel movement. DAVID DAOUD takes a look at the ICC, on the brink.

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The Man in the Middle

He has become Israel's most successful American-born public figure—and now has launched himself into the thick of Israeli politics. BENJAMIN KERSTEIN interviews Michael Oren, as he starts his first tour of duty in parliament.

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Should American Jews Embrace the Evangelicals?

It should be a simple equation: Support for Israel is crucial to American Jews, and Evangelicals are the nation's most fervent supporters. TIFFANY GABBAY asks why the relationship still hasn't clicked, and what can be done.

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PHOTOS: Armenians in Jerusalem Remember

It has been a century since Turks massacred 90 percent of the Armenian minority in their country. A small group of refugees settled in the Holy Land. AVIRAM VALDMAN met their descendants as they marked the horrible centennial.

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