Lebanon Official: E.U. Might Not Blacklist Hezbollah Despite Bulgaria Bombing

Lebanese Parliament Vice President Farid Makari is predicting that the European Union will resist mounting pressure from both within Europe and abroad to blacklist Hezbollah after the Iran-backed terror group was linked by Bulgarian investigators to the July 2012 Burgas, Bulgaria bombing that killed six civilians. The U.S. State Department has emphasized the care and professionalism of the Bulgarian investigation, and has also called on the E.U. to formally designate Hezbollah. Financial investigations, signal intelligence, and even DNA samples have all been pointed to as evidence that Hezbollah was involved in the bombing. Analysts continue to greet with something approaching astonishment the possibility that the E.U. may decline to acknowledge that Hezbollah is a terror organization after the group committed a terrorist act on E.U. soil that claimed the life of an E.U. citizen.