Iranian Terror Suspect in Thailand Has No Idea How He Ended Up With That Bomb

An Iranian man arrested in connection with last year’s botched attack on Israeli diplomats in Thailand is telling officials that – rather than being involved in a terror plot – he was trying to dispose of the two homemade bombs in his possession when they exploded.

Saeid Moradi testified along with another detained Iranian, Mohammad Kharzei, that the men had no idea how they came to be in possession of the bombs.

Moradi, a 28-year-old former soldier, “opened a cabinet in the house and saw four bombs there” and immediately told his two Iranian housemates to run for safety, the lawyer said.

Mohammad Kharzei, 42, was arrested that night at Bangkok’s airport trying to board a flight to Iran.

Masoud Sedaghatzadeh, 31, was detained the next day in Malaysia and is currently appealing an extradition order to Thailand.

Moradi claims he was trying to dispose of two of the bombs by throwing them into a nearby canal when he collapsed in exhaustion while running from the home, triggering an explosion that ripped off his legs.

Closed circuit video taken of Moradi shows him placing a black box with green wires in the middle of the street, which then exploded and injured a driver in a passing taxi. The video goes on to show an exchange between Moradi and Thai police, which ended when another bomb exploded close to Moradi, costing him both of his legs.

Israeli officials have said that the devices used in Bangkok were similar to bombs used a day earlier to target Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia. Iran has been linked to all three attacks.
[Photo: timesofearth / Youtube]