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Iran State Media Declares U.S. Treasury Counter-Terror Office Controlled by “Ashkenazi Jew”, “Arch Zionist Likudnik… Partisans”

Iranian state media, displeased with the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Asset Control (OFAC), has taken to the airwaves to blast the office. At issue are measures taken by OFAC against Iranian regime media outlets, including specifically Press TV:

“Let’s face the facts here, the Office of Asset Control (OFAC) of the US Treasury Department was handed over to a bunch of hard-line neoconservative arch Zionist Likudnik radical Israeli partisans and those people have been given carte blanche by the US government for some ungodly reason to go after Iran in an all-out monetary war, and an ideological war,” political commentator Kevin Barrett told Press TV in an exclusive interview on Thursday.

The outlet has been criticized by watchdog groups for being “the Iranian government’s primary propaganda tool to promote a wide range of pernicious anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in English to a worldwide audience.”

It has trafficked in Holocaust denial, has accused Jews of injecting viruses into Palestinians, has blamed Israelis for the September 11 World Trade Center attack, and has insisted that Jews trade “body parts” and abduct Afghani children. It comes as no surprise that in its report on OFAC’s activities, PressTV went on to attack the office’s director:

Press TV has learned that OFAC – headed by an Ashkenazi Jew called Adam Szubin – is behind the pressure on Intelsat.

Trying to explain why OFAC would target the station, a PressTV commentator suggested that U.S. Treasury officials dislike the degree to which PressTV “get[s] the truth out to the people of the West and the Zionists are mortally threatened by the truth.”

[Photo: Rchuon24 / Wiki Commons]