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Injured 8-Year-Old Syrian Girl Among Over 100 Syrians Treated in Israeli Hospitals

Reports continue to emerge of Israeli efforts to assist Syrian civilians injured in the country’s bloody conflict. Last March the IDF set up a field hospital in the Golan Heights to treat Syrians with light to moderate injuries. Civilians with more serious injuries have been taken to Israeli hospitals, and more than 100 have been reportedly treated.

A recent widely reported incident had a Syrian doctor attaching a note to a severely injured man explaining to Israeli doctors that their help was needed to save the patient’s live.

In recent days three more Syrians, including an eight-year-old girl, have been treated. The girl and her 48-year-old mother had fractures to their arms and legs from shrapnel. The same hospital at which they were treated, Ziv hospital in Israel’s north, took in another Syrian adult in his 20’s. The man had a severe head injury and was seen to by the hospital’s trauma unit.

Ziv hospital has given treatment to a a total of 44 Syrians have received treatment since the outbreak of violence in Syria. Nine are currently in the hospital. The facility’s director, Oscar Embon recently spoke to the Christian Science Monitor about how treating injured Syrians is, for the doctors, a matter of “pride that we can realize the values of our profession to cross borders, be humanistic, treat those in need, and help others.”

Iranian state media has has blasted Israel’s treatement of injured Syrian civilians as a plot to promote terrorism and “make sure this war is continuous.”

[Photo: JewishNewsOne / Youtube]