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Hamas Chief: ‘No Future’ for Israel

Speaking Sunday at a youth summer camp in the Gaza Strip, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh proclaimed to the crowd that Israel would be destroyed to make way for a Palestinian state. Arab media sources summed up his speech with the headline ‘Haniyeh: No future for Israel on the land of Palestine.’

“This key tells the story of a people who have been displaced from their land and subjected to the greatest international piracy at the hands of Zionist gangs,” Haniyeh told spectators.

“This key narrates the story of Palestinian steadfastness, the determination to return back to their homes, and a heritage which will not go away.”

It took place at a summer camp specifically dedicated to commemorating what Palestinians call their right of return, a diplomatic euphemism describing a scenario under which millions of Palestinian refugees – many of whom are radicalized and most of whom neighboring Arab countries have refused to settle for decades – would enter Israel.

Hamas uses its summer camps to indoctrinate and train child soldiers, which are then deployed against Israel in combat situations. The dynamic, under which Hamas conducts incitement in the context of providing children with paramilitary training, has confounded many human rights organizations that attempt to assess combat situations between Israel and the Iran-backed terror group. Such organizations have been criticized for inflating Palestinian civilian deaths by calculating all teenage male combatants as civilian deaths, despite Hamas’s open training of teenagers for combat and the group’s boasts that it uses children as jihadists.

[Photo: MinWashingtonNews / Youtube]