German Green Party Dispatches Anti-Israel Boycott Supporter to Tel Aviv Post, Is Slammed By Watchdog Groups for Anti-Semitism

Germany’s Green Party is being blasted by anti-Semitism and NGO watchdog groups over its decision to appoint a Bundestag deputy who has expressed support for boycotting Israel to head the party’s Heinrich Böll Foundation office in Tel Aviv:

“So long as Ms. Müller demands the labeling of goods from only one country in the world, namely Israel, she is acting in an anti-Semitic way,” Dr. Gideon Joffe, head of Germany’s largest Jewish community (10,500) in Berlin, told The Jerusalem Post…

“Enough is enough,” Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told the Post from Jerusalem. “It’s high time the Jewish world and all those truly interested in a true peace in the Holy Land to have a zero tolerance for campaigners for BDS – an anti-Semitic, anti-peace poison pill… If Ms. Müller is committed to the boycott, she should relocate to Riyadh, not Tel Aviv,” he said. “And don’t bother lecturing Jews that her real goal is to push Israel to make peace with Palestinians. No one buys that nonsense. Want to help peace? As a German, she should publicly scold Palestinian leaders who deny and minimize the Nazi Holocaust while depicting Israeli actions as worst than the Shoah.”

The Simon Wiesenthal Center earlier this year published a comprehensive study outlining the anti-Semitic sources and results of the so-called BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions):

This Report documents and dissects the BDS’ impact across a broad front of battlefields in the western world. These include economic struggles in corporate boardrooms and among trade unions, BDS’ “academic jihad” against Israel on campuses, the pressure on entertainment and cultural figures to cancel appearances in Israel, and efforts to gain support for BDS from important religious institutions. BDS claims to be a peaceful movement whose goal is to use “punitive economic means” to pressure Israel to rectify the wrongs done to human rights in the Palestinian territories. In reality, BDS is a thinly-disguised effort to coordinate and complement the violent strategy of Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim “rejectionists” who have refused to make peace with Israel for over six decades, and to pursue a high-profile campaign composed of anti-Israel Big Lies to help destroy the Jewish State by any and all means.

Meanwhile supporters of the BDS movement were dealt a heavy blow this week when the Securities and Exchange Commission validated a decision made by the TIAA-CREF to exclude a resolution calling for the boycott of Israeli firms that anti-Israel activists had attempted to put to a vote at the group’s upcoming shareholders meeting.

[Photo: Mohamed Ouda / Wiki Commons]