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E.U. Tells Turkish PM To Learn “How to Deal With Criticism”

Turkish security forces have widened a broad arrest sweep targeting anti-government protesters. Hundreds of people are continuing to gather in silent vigils across the country.

The ongoing demonstrations have eroded Ankara’s legitimacy domestically and abroad. The European Union issued a declaration expressing concern over the government’s heavy-handed response. Erdogan reacted to the resolution by lashing out. Today the European Union told Erdogan to grow up:

The European Union has scrapped a parliamentary visit to Turkey following the Ankara government’s stinging criticism of an EU resolution about the handling of Turkish protests. European parliamentarian Elmar Brok said that Wednesday’s visit of the legislative delegation was postponed following last week’s rebuke and told Turkey that it `’should understand how to deal with criticism.”

Some 400 demonstrators have been arrested, and the government will press criminal charges against at least 28 of them.

Erdogan met yesterday with top Hamas leaders. The Turkish prime minister has in the past sought to burnish his image in the wake of diplomatic erosion by aligning himself with Hamas. Analysts will read the Hamas delegation’s visit at least partly as an appeal to domestic constituencies.

[Photo: Avala / Wiki Commons]