Daily Beast: Muslim Brotherhood’s Anti-Christian Campaign Shows “True Colors.” Grassroots Christian Group Condemns “Modern Pogrom”

The Daily Beast describes the “Muslim Brotherhood’s war on Coptic Christians,” which columnist Kirsten Powers writes “show[s] the world its true colors.” In recent days over 40 churches have been looted and burned, on top of another 23 that have been damaged in attacks. Christian officials have been attacked, and Islamists paraded nuns through the streets as captives after burning their school.

Two security guards working on a tour boat owned by Christians were burned alive. An orphanage was burned down. The Catholic Bishop of Luxor told the Vatican news agency Tuesday that he has been trapped in his home for 20 days by Islamist mobs chanting “Death to the Christians!” “People who reside in the villages of the area that have nothing because food supplies are running out and people are afraid to leave the house,” he said.

Powers notes that the widespread anti-Christian campaign – the worst organized violence against Copts in over 700 years – is in tension with the Brotherhood’s gestures toward having renounced violence, and that the attacks are being incited by official Brotherhood outlets and platforms. The U.S. grassroots movement Christians United for Israel circulated a statement today condemning the violence:

“Events in Egypt this week highlight yet again the tragedy facing the Christians of the Middle East. Once again, Christians are being targeted for murder. Once again Christian schools, businesses and churches are being attacked. And once again, the world is largely silent,” Brog says.

“This is a modern pogrom. The silence must end. The United States must lead. We must make it clear to the Egyptian government, the Muslim Brotherhood and the world that we will not ignore this tragedy. An important first step must be the immediate passage of H.R. 301, which would ensure that a top administration official will be focused on this issue at all times.”

[Photo: Talk Radio News Service / Flickr]