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BREAKING: Israeli Air Force Downs Hezbollah Drone Near Haifa. Concerns Deepen Over Hezbollah Recklessness

News has been released that the Israeli Air Force has downed a drone, likely piloted by the Iran-backed terror group Hezbollah, over the Mediterranean Sea near Haifa today.

Hezbollah has previously attempted to penetrate Israeli airspace with drones. A video on the previous attempt is embedded below.

Iran recently held parades in which officials celebrated the development of new drone technology, some of which the Islamic republic provides to the Syrian regime, to its Hezbollah proxies, and even to the Palestinian terror group Hamas.

Hezbollah is under increasing domestic criticism for undermining Lebanese stability. The group has gone all-in on bolstering the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria, and Syrian opposition forces have in turn retaliated against Lebanese interests and on Lebanese territory. Analysts have been concerned that Hezbollah would attempt to stage a spectacular incident targeting Israel in order to bolster its domestic credibility.

Sources tell The Tower that the drone was brought down by a single IAF missile. Israeli officials made the decision to bring down the UAV following an evaluation that it might have been carrying explosives. The Tower will post more details as they arrive.

[Photo: SignsofThyComing / YouTube]