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At Pro-Morsi Rally, Supporters Chant Anti-Jewish Slogans Threatening Massacres

Pro-Morsi protesters at Cairo University – which was the scene of bloody clashes overnight – were heard chanting an anti-Semitic slogan threatening massacres against Jews:


The chant is a reference to the 7th century events around the oasis of Khaybar in modern-day Saudi Arabia, in which Muslims massacred and expelled the town’s Jewish population.

Chants referencing the events, and promising future massacres, have become increasingly prevalent in events staged by political Islamists. Members connected to the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) – a group designated as a terror organization by the Netherlands and Germany – were recorded chanting “Jews, remember Khyabar, the army of Mohammed is returning” before sailing to attempt to break Israel’s blockade of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip in 2010.

This is not the first time that pro-Morsi crowds have been observed chanting about Khaybar and threatening “oh Jews, the army of Mohamed will return.” A crowd of worshipers chanted the lines while listening to the Egyptian president condemn Israel during Friday prayers last November.

[Photo: gregg.carlstrom / Flickr]