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Analyst: Time When Israel Could Be “Portrayed as the Problem in the Middle East” Is Over

As tensions and violence in Egypt continue to simmer, some in the country are falling back into rhetorical and political tactics that have been prevalent throughout the country’s modern history.

Discussing efforts by the Muslim Brotherhood to undermine Egypt’s interim President Adly Mansour, the Washington Post highlights how Brotherhood officials are blaming Jews:

The article claims that Mansour is “considered to be a Seventh Day Adventist, which is a Jewish sect” (in fact, Seventh Day Adventism is considered part of Protestant Christianity)…The article goes on to connect Mansour’s appointment as president to a global conspiracy involving the United States, Israel and Mohamed ElBaradei…

The article claimed that ElBaradei had refused to participate in a conference that denied the Holocaust. This, it says, was “a token gesture offered to the Jews by ElBaradei so that he can become President of the Republic in the fake elections that the military will guard and whose results they will falsify in their interests. All with the approval of America, Israel and the Arabs, of course.”

For their part, Israelis want no part of the chaos in Egypt.

Guy Bechor, director of Middle East studies at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, told The Tower it’s absurd that Israel should even enter the debate on what’s driving Egypt’s internal matters.

“Israel has no opinion concerning the Egyptian internal conflict, and it should stay like that. Israel, the only pro-western, democratic and stable country in the Middle East has nothing to do with the Arab turmoil in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq North-Africa and more,” said Bechor, who has visited Egypt dozens of times and wrote his PhD dissertation on the history of its legal system.

“The days that maliciously Israel was portrayed as the problem in the Middle East are gone,” he added. “Now you face the true Middle East.”

[Photo: Euronews / Youtube]