Washington White Supremacist Charged for Threatening Mass Killings of Jews

A Washington state white supremacist has been charged with two felonies for threatening to conduct a mass shooting targeting Jews and posting selfies with Nazi salutes on social media.

Dakota Reed was arrested in December, a month after the Anti-Defamation League tipped off the FBI about his plans to kill Jews praying in a synagogue or children in school. Authorities seized from his home a cache of firearms, military helmets, gas masks, and white supremacist propaganda.

The Monroe native operated seven separate Facebook accounts to which he posted anti-Semitic memes and other violent fantasies. “I’m shooting for 30 Jews,” read one post in November. “No pun needed. Long ways away anyways. See you Goys.” In a follow-up post Reed said: “We can’t vote away what our fathers tried to, we must spill blood.”

Reed, according to his social media posts and YouTube videos, pledged allegiance to the Ku Klux Klan and a white supremacist separatist movement based in the Pacific Northwest. Reed said he wanted to emulate Dylan Roof, a white supremacist who murdered nine black worshippers at a South Carolina church in 2015.

His feeds were reportedly filled with threats against Jews and other minorities, including a video showing off an AR-15 rifle and fantasizing about killing a rabbi. In October, Reed posted that he was “over here saving up to buy more guns and ammo to kill (((rats))) and animals.” Triple parentheses are anti-Semitic symbols that have been used online to identify individuals as Jews and single them out for harassment – or worse.

Reed also posted a call to “take back your future one synagogue at a time” and claimed that he was “gonna make the news some more and shoot some Jews in 2025.”

Reed has been out of jail on $50,000 bond since December. He is being charged with two counts of threats to bomb or injure property. A hate crime charge may also be added.

[Photo: Stag1500 / Wikimedia Commons]