Labour Councillor Resigns, Says Party has Become “A Welcoming Environment for Antisemites”

The British Labour Party was rocked by a new scandal on Wednesday after a Jewish councillor resigned from the organization over concerns it has become “a welcoming environment for antisemites,” Jewish News reported.

Councillor Dany Louise from Hastings, who is a member of Brighton and Hove Progressive Shul, wrote on her blog: “Despite numerous calls for the leadership to deal with antisemitism in the Party effectively, unequivocally, and speedily, they have failed to do so over a period of several years.”

“Antisemitism remains not just tolerated within the party, but it seems, actively encouraged.”

The councillor said that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell were prepared to throw Labour MP Luciana Berger “to the wolves.” The Jewish MP faced two now-withdrawn motions of no-confidence in her local party after speaking out against anti-Jewish hate.

On Thursday, The Jewish Chronicle reported that one of the Labour activists behind the vicious online attacks on Berger has links to a neo-Nazi website called the “Anti-Zionist League.”

Louise wrote on her blog that, “Luciana Berger is an inspiring role-model, and a real-life contemporary hero,” adding, “She should be celebrated as a person and MP of outstanding courage and integrity.”

“It is unacceptable that Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell were prepared to throw her to the wolves they have encouraged into the Party,” the letter concluded.

Meanwhile, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor rejected suggestions that MPs could resign from the Labour Party over its handling of anti-Semitism allegations. McDonnell claimed he “can’t see it” and expressed his belief that the issue would be resolved, after Labour MP Neil Coyle warned on Wednesday that some of his colleagues could leave.

In a tweet sent to the Labour leader, Coyle wrote: “So@jeremycorbyn here goes. Members leaving in their thousands over Brexit. Cllrs quitting. MPs will leave. Antisemitism continues in your name. Only you can change all this.”

McDonnell rejected the charges after Labour revealed on Tuesday that it had received 673 allegations of anti-Semitism by its members over the past 10 months, leading to only 12 individuals being expelled from the party.

At a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) on February 5, MPs unanimously passed a motion urging the National Executive Committee (NEC), headed by Corbyn ally Jenny Formby, to do more to tackle anti-Semitism.

[Photo: Policy Exchange / Flickr]