Fresh From Playing God, Morgan Freeman Does Ads for Israeli Electronics Maker Tadiran

While Academy Award-winning American actor-producer-narrator Morgan Freeman was in Israel again last November filming his National Geographic program “The Story of God,” he also did a playful commercial for Israeli air-conditioner manufacturer Tadiran.

“From the time I played God in the movies, people seem to confuse me with Him,” Freeman intones in his signature deep voice. “I’m not God… far from it. Except in my own home, where I can control the weather – almost like God himself,” he says, pointing to his Tadiran Supreme air-conditioning unit.

According to Israel Hayom, Freeman’s contract with Tadiran includes television, billboard, newspaper and online ads to be released throughout 2019. The campaign is being handled by the Boroda Kaplan & Partners advertising agency in Ramat Hasharon.

Freeman, 81, also played God in the 2003 movie “Bruce Almighty,” but that flick was filmed in Buffalo, New York.

(via Israel21c)
[Photo: Israel21c ]